Senior Spotlight-Corbin Jarrett
Wyatt Ashpaugh
Friday, August 23, 2019

Senior Spotlight

Corbin Jarrett

When it comes to humor, Corbin Jarrett is one of the main sources here at DeKalb. Coming from causing chaos in elementary school, to being a class comedian in high school, he has always seemed to make someone crack a smile. Corbin attends classes at Hillyard Technical School and plays varsity football. When asked questions of his caliber, his comical responses were not surprising.

Q1: How many biscuits can you eat?

A1: Well it depends, if we are talking gravy about six. Without gravy about 8-10.

Q2: Are you good at washing dishes?

A2: Oh yeah, I can wash some dishes.

Q3: How's your luck with wrecking cars?

A3: Is there a word for more than terrible?

Q4: Do you prefer Bounty or Scott paper towels?

A4: Neither. Great Value.

Q6: How tall is your Christmas tree?

A6: About 7 feet tall

Q7: have you ever chopped down a tree with a hatchet?

A7: Yes I have.

Q8: Google or Firefox?

A8: Definitely Google.

Q9: Have you ever been stung by a sweat bee?

A9: Indeed, I have.

Q10: Are you satisfied with your current shoes?

A10: I would say so.