Books We’re Reading

                      Cyndal Harris and Savanah Baugh

As we approach the end of the school year, students and faculty are finding more ways to spend the free time they’ll have once they are finally finished with the school year. Here at DeKalb high school, some students have already decided how they want to spend that time: reading. Below they recommend the books they enjoy, as well as share what they are currently reading.

What do you like about the book you are reading?

My Lady Jane, I like it because I enjoy Game of Thrones, old kings, queens, lords and stuff like that really interests me.”

So Here's The Thing by Alyssa Mastromonaco. It’s about a former political advisor. It has a collection of essays about trusting yourself.” -Mrs. Hershley

The 110 Lost Island of Dragons and I like it because it has adventure.” -Archer

Magnus Chase and I like it because it has action.” -Bryan

Don’t Look Back, I’m really into mystery books. In the book a teenage girl goes missing and she can’t remember why and her best friend went missing too.” -Ashtyn

Execution. I like it because it’s an action book.” -Alex

Barcode Tattoo. I like it because one of the girls is running from the cops.” -Ashley

Iron Gold, I like it because it is fast paced; it always keeps my attention. I have a short attention span.” -Corbin

The Dirt. It’s a biography. I like how they do whatever they want and the things they do.” -Wyatt

The Lost, because it’s a murder mystery and its by my favorite author.” -Natalyn


Would you recommend it and why?

The Hate You Give. Yes because so far it’s really good and there’s a movie you can watch after.” - Aubrey

Unholy. Yes because it’s fit for a specific person.” -Damian

Pet Sematary. Yes because it’s a Stephen King book!” -Paige

Loner. Yes because it’s weird, relatable, and interesting.” -Liz

The Mysterious Affair at Styles. I just started this so I can’t tell, and it’s the first book in the series.” -Mrs. Downing

The Legend of Thunder Foot. No, I would not. It’s kind of boring.” -Devin

The Adventure Zone. Yes, to someone who likes adventure and stuff.” -Darrin

The Political Spectrum. Yes because it’s really interesting on how we use electromagnetic waves.” -Mr. Jenkins

Some Boys. Yes, because it’s good.” -Janessa       

Rangers Apprentice. I’d recommend it to people who like adventure and medieval times.” -Monty

The Possibility of Now. Yes, it’s a chick flick and girls would like it, but maybe not guys.” -Mrs. Taylor