By: Cyndal Harris                          


Name: The Maze Runner: The Fever Code

Author: James Dashner

Genre: Young adult fiction, science fiction, dystopian fiction, and adventure fiction

Number of pages: 347

Published: September 27th, 2016

Missouri Truman Readers Awards and New York Times Bestselling Series


    The world is coming to a close end. There has been a plague that has broke out and is infecting almost everyone across the globe. The world is destroyed, hardly no life is visible for miles. The infection is slowly spreading and the people are become insane, attacking each other, and causing the human population is slowly dying off. WICKED (World In Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department) has taken it upon themselves to try and find a cure. Then they find a boy by the name of Thomas and he helps build the maze to find a cure to this deadly disease.

James Dashner, the author of many popular books, has made the fifth book to The Maze Runner series. The series as a whole is about a group of teenagers and how they try to find a way through the maze and other trials. As the teens progress through the books, they face unbelievable challenges and life threatening situations. Due to these tragedies, they start losing people along the way and have to fight against WICKED itself.

Books four and five in the series go back in time to give the reader more of a behind the scenes experience. The fourth book in the series The Kill Order starts off by telling the reader how the plague started and what caused it. The fifth book The Fever Code fast forwards a few years and tells the reader more about WICKED and what their initial plans for the world truly are. The fifth book also gives you more insight into the characters from the first three books and who they were before the maze came to be. These two books give insight to the first three books of the series, which can get very complex at times and fill in the gaps that the other books didn’t tell or show. Although I do love the way the author writes and tells his stories, I didn’t like how he saved the backstory for the last two books. The last two books are amazing and very well written but perhaps he shouldn’t of done this. It does make it more complex and more confusing but it does fill in a lot of gaps that weren’t filled in at the beginning of the story. I do recommend to read The Kill Order and The Fever Code first and then read the first three books after.

I’d recommend this book because its very interesting and is constantly throwing things at you that keep your attention. I love the intensity of the this book and how the kids in the story try their hardest to get away from the experiments that WICKED is performing. Overall, the story of this book is amazing, and despite the way the author presents the story, it’s still an incredible series.