Senior Spotlight

Liz Generaux

Every class needs that one person who will give you a good laugh, or who will be there to listen when you need a friend, and senior Liz Generaux is that person for the class of 2020. You can find Liz listening to different music and wearing new styles, or laughing with her friends in the halls. She is looked up to by a lot of people in the school. Over her four years, Liz has participated in track, softball, cheer, FBLA, and STUCO. 

Here are the questions Liz was asked to answer:

Q: What has been your favorite high school memory?

    A: Going to IHOP after football games with all of my friends. 

Q: What is your favorite joke from your class?

    A: Wyatt making up words like keebis and kabaheebie.

Q: Who is a celebrity that you remind yourself of?

    A: Seth Rogan because we are both really funny.

Q: Who is your favorite musician?

    A: Post Malone

Q: What is your favorite T.V. show?

    A: Trailer Park Boys

Q: What is something you wish you would have done in the past? 

    A: I wish I wouldn’t have dyed my hair pink.

Q: What is a place you would like to visit?

    A: Greece

Q: What is something embarrassing that you did as a kid? 

    A: One time I cried when I accidentally got strawberry milk at lunch.

Q: Who is your favorite teacher?

    A: Mr. J

Q: Can you do a back handspring?

    A: Ask my neck