Senior Spotlight

Madison Dittemore

Madison Dittemore is and has always been one of the top seniors here at Dekalb High School. She has been involved in many extracurricular activities throughout her years here including softball, basketball, and track. She is also an active member in FBLA and NHS. When asked the following questions, her responses were thoughtful and interesting.

Q1: Would you rather have 46 feet or 42 hands?

A1: 42 hands because you can do more things at once.

Q2: What’s your opinion on Red Lobster?

A2: I like the shrimp, and the biscuits are bomb!

Q3: Favorite memory at 14 and a half years old?

A3: Playing middle school basketball

Q4: Who is your favorite interviewer?

A4: You, of course.

Q5: If you had to pick 14 things to eat right now, what would be the top 3?

A5: Birthday cake frozen yogurt, guacamole and chips from chipotle, and bacon.

Q6: Who do you love the most?

A6: My dog, Millie.

Q7: How many books can you lift at once?

A7: 21 give or take.

Q8: Have you ever read an encyclopedia?

A8: No.

Q9: Can you pick a lock with a q-tip?

A9: Yes I can.