Senior Spotlight

Joseph Lofland

Every graduating class has that one student that loves to talk up a storm and make everyone laugh at jokes. Joe is that one in our senior class. You can find him anywhere talking to someone, regardless of if he or she is his closest friends or not. A lot of people look up to him for many different reasons. When he was a state defensive end in football last year all the younger kids wanted to be like him. Over the last 4 years in high school, Joe has participated in football, track, baseball, basketball, FFA, and contest teams. 

Here are the questions that Joe was asked to answer:

Q: What is your favorite school sport/ activity?

    A: Football because it's awesome.

Q: What is your favorite high school memory?

    A: When we mercy ruled Platte Valley for homecoming last year

Q: what is your favorite restaurant?

    A: Dude, Willie's Sports Bar and Grill

Q: Are you left or right?

    A: I plead the 5th

Q: What are your plans for after high school?

    A: Make money in an AG related field

Q:  How many hotdogs can you eat?

    A: 2

Q: What is your favorite animal?

    A: Pheasant

Q: Who do you love the most?

    A: Coach Knox, Coach Wardlow, and Darrin

Q: Who is your favorite person?

    A: Darrin

Q: If you could eat three things right now what would they be?

    A: Lasagna, cheesecake, and enchiladas