Senior Spotlight

Corbin Jarrett

When it comes to humor, Corbin Jarrett is one of the main sources here at DeKalb. Coming from causing chaos in elementary school, to being a class comedian in high school, he has always seemed to make someone crack a smile. Corbin attends classes at Hillyard Technical School and plays varsity football. When asked questions of his caliber, his comical responses were not surprising.

Q1: How many biscuits can you eat?

A1: Well it depends, if we are talking gravy about six. Without gravy about 8-10.

Q2: Are you good at washing dishes?

A2: Oh yeah, I can wash some dishes.

Q3: How's your luck with wrecking cars?

A3: Is there a word for more than terrible?

Q4: Do you prefer Bounty or Scott paper towels?

A4: Neither. Great Value.

Q6: How tall is your Christmas tree?

A6: About 7 feet tall

Q7: have you ever chopped down a tree with a hatchet?

A7: Yes I have.

Q8: Google or Firefox?

A8: Definitely Google.

Q9: Have you ever been stung by a sweat bee?

A9: Indeed, I have.

Q10: Are you satisfied with your current shoes?

A10: I would say so.