Senior Spotlight

Tyler Matson

If you ever need someone to talk with, or want someone to make you laugh, that person is Tyler Matson. He always speaks his mind, and if there is anything he doesn’t like you will hear about it. He is a very open minded and athletic kid. He leaves his heart on the playing field every game no matter which sport. He loves to beat Joe in amount of tackles in football. Tyler is involved in football, basketball, baseball, and track.

Here are the questions we had Tyler answer:

Q: What is your favorite sport?:


Q: What is your favorite Movie?

    A: The Warriors

Q: What is your favorite Restaurant?

    A: Tacky Jacks

Q: Favorite high school memory?

    A: When i got Sparta stabbed with a EpiPen

Q: Do you sleep walk?

    A: No

Q: How was staying in a pitch black room for a week?

    A: Very boring

Q: Do you know who Mark Twain is?

    A: Yeah

Q: What size shirts do you wear?

    A: Medium

Q: what's your favorite dessert?

    A: Angel food cake

Q: What do you drive?

A: Danger Ranger