Senior Spotlight

Darrin McElfresh

Darrin Mcelfresh is one of the top athletes here at DeKalb. Darrin has lettered In all sports including football, basketball, and baseball in his three years of high school, and he has no worries about lettering this year as well. He has been all district in football and basketball and is a member of our FFA chapter.

Q1: Where does your family originate from?

A1: My family originated from Ireland.

Q2: Do you like rhinos:

A2: yes I guess. I don't know why?

Q3: What is your everyday outfit?

A3: Boots and shorts

Q4: How tall is Rob Schneider?

A4: 5’10 (WRONG)

Q5: Have you ever watched Land of the Lost?

A5: I don't know.

Q6: Celeb crush?

A6: Kevin James and Jessica Alba

Q7: Favorite sport?

A7: Basketball

Q8: Who is your second favorite teacher?

A8: Mrs. Collier

Q9: Have you ever used meat scissors?

A9: No