Senior Spotlight

By Wyatt Ashpaugh

Coming from Shawnee Mission to Dekalb can be quite the change; however, Eric Kelley came to our school sophomore year and ever since then he hasn’t struggled to fit in. He is an active football, basketball, and baseball player. He plays varsity for football and basketball. He is also studying to be an EMT at Hillyard Technical School.

Q1: What are your plans after high school?

A1: Become an EMT

Q2: What is your dream job?

A2: NBA basketball player

Q3: State champs? 

A3: Heck yeah

Q4: Who is your favorite teacher?

A4: Mr. Wardlow and Collier

Q5: Favorite sport?

A5: Football

Q6: What's your nickname?

A6: Easy E

Q7: Marvel or DC?

A7: Marvel

Q8: Where do you want to live?

A8: Milwaukee

Q9: Why does your grandma live in Minnesota?

A9: I don't know if she's still alive.

Q10: If I was in a burning building, would chief Kelley save me?

A10: Not if you’re in the basement.