Senior Spotlight

Damian Lindstrom

Within the class of 2020, Damian is probably the most laid back individual. He is very easy going and very easy to get along with. Because he is so laid back, he gets talked into doing things very easily. Every Thursday night, when the football team goes out to team dinner, we yell at him to do a burnout, then ten seconds later his car is screaming. About 15 seconds later, you can't even see his car. Damian has been involved in football since coming to Dekalb High School. 

Here are the questions we had Damian answer:

 Q: What is your Favorite sport?

    A: Football

Q: What is your favorite Movie?

    A: It

Q: Favorite restaurant?

    A: Chinex

Q: What is your favorite high school Memory?

    A: Winning the game against King City

Q: Do you sleep walk?

    A: No

Q: How many cars do you own?


Q: How many burnouts do you do a month?

    A: Too many

Q: Who is your favorite Teacher?

    A: Mrs. Hayner and Mrs. Collier

Q: What's your favorite dessert?

    A: All of them

Q: what do you drive right now?

    A: 2003 Ford Explorer