Senior Spotlight

By Wyatt Ashpaugh

Taylor Fisher came to Dekalb High School in 7th grade and has been a very involved student- athlete ever since. She is involved in softball, basketball, FBLA. and is the president of the FFA. We decided to ask her a series of various questions and her replies are as following:

Q1: Do you love Jacoby?

A1: Yes, because he’s funny, nice, and cool.

Q2: Dream job?

A2: working for USDA

Q3: Plans after high school?

A3: go to college for Agribusiness

Q4: is Jacoby a good boyfriend?

A4: Yes, he is.

Q5: Favorite teachers?

A5: Collier and Wardlow

Q6: Favorite sport?

A6: football

Q7: Favorite person?

A7: my madre

Q8: Are u left or right?

A8: I am left handed.

Q9: Who is your favorite author?

A9: Trevor Noah

Q10: Favorite food?

A10: Texas Roadhouse rolls