The Impact Of Caleb Hundley

     Last year, sophomore Caleb Hundley came to our school. At first, no one knew who he was or where he came from; he was just an outsider of the school. I knew him personally because of family, so I tried to help take him under my wing and show him around the school. It seemed that I was making him a lot more comfortable with meeting new people and being in this brand new environment. After a couple of weeks, everyone loved him. His popularity grew so quickly because he is so bright, funny, and a kind person to be around.

     This school year Caleb joined the football team. Everyone on the team loves him. Coach Wardlow said, “ He brings a new energy to practice that we have never had.” This team is more of a brotherhood with him on it. He is very humorous, and when there are tensions between players on our team, he breaks them with ease, and it always ends in a laugh. Caleb just wants to be one of the guys and be out on the field, like everyone else, to play the wonderful sport called football.  “ It's a lot of fun to have him at practice. We mess with him some, in a joking way, and his reactions and comebacks are so priceless.” said senior Wyatt Ashpaugh.  

     A few games into the season, Caleb was asked if the Saint Joseph news station KQ2 could come in and do a story on him. There was no chance he would pass up this opportunity, so they set a date and the next week he got his interview. Caleb was so excited. He said about the interview, “I felt great. I was super excited, but I was a bit nervous.”  The football team just kept on helping him get ready for his big day. After it was done, he couldn’t wait to watch it, so when it aired, Wardlow showed it to him during our film session for football. He just laughed, and the rest of the week of practice was great because of it.  

     Homecoming 2019 showed Caleb just how appreciated he was at De Kalb High School. On homecoming night, Caleb was nominated for Prince. “Caleb deserves to win prince, because he is always nice to people and he is super funny.” said Wyatt Ashpaugh. As they were announcing the names of the candidates, there was such an exciting feeling in the air of who was about to win. “And your homecoming prince is …. Caleb Hundley!” The entire crowd cheered, and Caleb's face lit up with happiness. Caleb said, “I didn’t expect to win at all, but  I was super excited, and I was so happy I was jumping out of my shoes.” There was nothing but a smile across his face for the rest of the night.

    Caleb is so important to this school. No matter what mood someone is in, he will always put a smile on their face. He has an amazing personality, which brightens up the room when he walks in. The energy he brings to our school, and the classroom, is just what this school needed.