Athlete of the week nominee Darrin McElfresh

Darrin McElfresh is a senior at Dekalb High School. He has played varsity football, basketball, and baseball for four years. Darrin is not only a great athlete but an awesome student, for he puts smiles on thou face. He is in the top five percent of his class with a 3.5 GPA. He rushed for 1600 yards and received for 400 this season.

    On week nine of the regular season, Dekalb High school played Stewartsville. They won early in the 4th quarter with a 66-20 victory. Darrin rushed for 283 yards and 5 touchdowns that game. Darrin wasn't only a big part of that game, but was also a big part of the success this season. When asked how Darrin helped the team, head football coach Caleb Wardlow said,”he’s very fast and elusive, he can’t catch a ball, but if we hand it to him he’ll go far.” 

    Darrin wasn’t always as athletic as he is now, according to him he was horrible until his junior year. He worked everyday during the off season running and jumping to increase his athletic ability. When he was asked about his secret to improving so much he said,”I controlled my anger issues, got in shape, and ran a lot faster.” It not only showed in his athleticism, but in him as a person. “He grew up a lot. He went from being a kid that lost his temper at a blink of an eye, to someone you can rely on throughout an entire game.” That has been a huge part in his success and being nominated. Being nominated for athlete of the week is a huge honor. It is a chance to be appreciated for all of the hard work that one has put in at practice and games. “It feels great to be appreciated for hard work,'' McElfresh said. But he doesn’t plan to stop there. Darrin hopes to continue his football career into college and make a story for himself.