Because we live in a small farm town, many people would infer that the people of DeKalb would only listen to old country music while they drive their tractors down a back road. Fortunately, this is not the case. Despite the beliefs of outsiders, the people of DeKalb, students and staff specifically, have a very wide range of music tastes. From folk to rap, and alternative to rock, the residents of our town have a wide variety of music. 

    Senior Liz Generaux is very passionate about her music. She spends countless hours looking for new songs to add to her very extensive playlists. She likes the indie and alternative genres of music with a little rap here and there. She said that her favorite songs stand out from other people’s music because “It doesn’t sound the same as mainstream pop songs, and it’s fun to listen to songs and artists that other people don’t listen to and expose them to some great songs.” Liz’s favorite artists include: Dayglow, SALES, and Rex Orange County. While Liz’s music is very interesting and unique to her, other students don’t feel the same about that kind of music. 

    Senior Wyatt Ashpaugh is one that listens to mainstream rap and some classic rock and who thinks that the genres that Liz prefers are “different, but chill and unique.” Wyatt likes rap music and said, “I like the beats the most. I also like when they mumble so much that I can’t understand the lyrics; it makes me laugh.” Wyatt’s favorite artists include: NLE Choppa, Lil’ Wayne, and The Rolling Stones. 

    Teachers have their own musical preferences as well. Math teacher Mr. Guilkey really enjoys the indie and folk genres. His favorite thing about this music is the lyrics. He said, “the lyrics in my favorite songs actually have meaning. They aren’t repetitive, and they somewhat tell a story within the song. Mainstream music doesn’t do this.” Mr. Guilkey’s favorite artists include: Lord Huron, The Lumineers, and Of Monsters of Men. 

    DeKalb might be a small town in the country, but the music tastes of the residents have a wide range. As artists continue to put out new music, the people here bwill continue to expand their list of favorites and the sound of DeKalb will continue to be unique and fun.