There comes a time in a person's life when he or she has to say goodbye. For some, it signifies the biggest relief, but for many, it is a very emotional time. For thirteen years, we go to school for 9 months out of the year; starting from 8:00 a.m. to 3:06 p.m. Going to school becomes a huge part of our everyday life and our classmates become your family. To leave that family, and routine after thirteen long years is very hard. Friendships fade and new lives are formed, but we will never forget our school family that we spent years with.   

     This year, 3.7 million students nationwide are expected to graduate high school. Yet the accomplishment is always special. This year's senior class consists of 20 students, many of whom have been together since preschool. They have formed an unbreakable bond that will always be present between them; they are a family. Because they have spent all those days coming to school, there will always be a special place for Dekalb High School and something that they will miss.

What are you going to miss about high school?

Darrin McElfresh: “I’m going to miss playing sports.”

Katelyn Koehler: “I'm going to miss seeing my friends everyday.”

Joseph Lofland: “I’m going to miss coach Knox, Wardlow, and Dubs.”

Jaelob Bally: “Hanging out with all my buddies.”

Carley Christgen: “Seeing my friends everyday.”

Paige Morey: "I will miss reading.”

Damian Lindstrom: "Seeing my friends.”

Baylee Knorr: “Playing softball and seeing my friends everyday.”

What was the best part of high school?

Corbin Jarrett: “Being with my friends”

Lily Kasten: “Getting to play sports with my friends.”

Jordan Myers: “Spending time with friends and art.”

Dylan Park: "Being able to go to Hillyard.”

Eric Kelley: "Wyatt joking with Mrs. Collier and calling her Satan.”

Wyatt Ashpaugh: "Seeing my favorite people.”

Cierra Pitts: “Getting to see all of my friends everyday, especially because we have been a family forever.”

If you could relive one grade, which would it be?

Madison Dittemore: “2nd grade because we were a family even though the teachers hated us.”

Elizabeth Generaux: "1st grade so I could watch Charlie Brown at recess.”

Tyler Matson: “10th grade, so I could make better choices.”

Savannah Baugh: “Second grade, because I had a really good teacher and it was a lot of fun.”

Taylor Fisher: “5th grade, because it was chill, and I had really cool friends, and there was no drama.”