Mrs. Collier

     There are many teachers here in the building, but there are only few that everyone has a strong relationship with. One of those teachers is Amanda Felice Collier, or as we call her,     Mrs. Collier. She is a great teacher. She is also very easy to get along with. I personally have a very good relationship with Mrs. Collier, because we communicate in class a lot and I joke around with her. She always helps me when I need it with everything from life advice to ACT practice.   

     Right out of high school, like any young adult, she needed a job, so she decided to work at Ground Round as a waitress. She did this while going to school for marketing at Missouri Western State University. Eventually, She changed her major to English Literature. After college, she worked while attaining her teaching certificate. She taught at Lafayette as a long term sub, then went to Northeast Nodaway for a year. After a short time at Nodaway, she taught college writing at Missouri Western. She eventually found herself back in public education agreeing to an English position at Central High School. After five years at Central, she decided to come to Dekalb High School, where she has been for two years. 

    Mrs. Collier has been teaching for nine years now, and loves the job. She said, “My favorite class would have to be the seniors, because they are very mature, most of the time, and they are easy to teach, most of the time.” The last two years of her being here at Dekalb High School have been great. She is one of my favorite teachers, because she is very easy to get along with. She is a laid back and respectable teacher. Mrs. Collier always finds new fun ways to teach class and make it enjoyable. 

    Through all of her teaching jobs, there has to be one that was the most challenging. She said, “Missouri Western was challenging, because it was my first time teaching college students.” She has been able to take what she learned while doing this and apply it to the high school classroom.  This benefits the classes, like her seniors, because they are able to do college level work, while getting one on one help and attention. 

    Throughout these last couple of years, Mrs. Collier has helped me work through assignments that I didn’t understand. She has also helped me study for the ACT, and I feel like she is a mother figure in the classroom for me. No matter what I need help with, she is there to help. I have grown a great relationship with Mrs. Collier, and I’m glad she has been my teacher these past couple years.