Spotlight: Mr. Guilkey

Math. You have to take the class, but you don't always enjoy the class. Like with many other classes, the teacher is what makes the class better. This year our new math teacher does just that. Jonathan Guilkey started his 5th year teaching here at Dekalb High School, and he has already made math a little better.

Many students were concerned about having a new math teacher, because you never know if you'll enjoy the class with someone different. Mr.Guilkey has made math class fun. Junior Aubrey Bowen said that his biggest teaching strengths are “he is really smart and makes class fun with jokes and sarcasm.” Math is not many people's favorite class, but it is so much better when there is a teacher who makes it entertaining. 

This year Mr. Guilkey also coached cross country. Freshman Rylie Johnson said, “He was a really good coach. He would joke around with us a lot. We also got to know him better than if he was just a teacher.” His fun personality carries over to coaching. Not only did he prepare them for meets, but he also made the practices more enjoyable. 

Mr. Guilkey came from a school similar to Dekalb. It was Community R-6 High School in Laddonia, Missouri.  It was in a small rural area, next to a cornfield. Community R-6 had a four day school week, which can be hard to give up. While there, he coached golf. He came to Dekalb, because he and his wife decided to move back to St. Joseph; however, Mr. Guilkey likes smaller schools, which is why he came to DeKalb. He likes the class sizes, close community, and kind people, and his students hope that he continues to make them laugh and help them learn.