2020 Courtwarming Royalty Winners


Every year we vote for courtwarming royalty; this year we continue the tradition. Our winners for the 2020 royalty are: prince junior Harrison Lofland, princess junior Ashtyn Griffin; king  senior Darrin McElfresh, and queen senior Liz Generaux. 

Junior Ashtyn Griffin was “actually really shocked and excited” when she heard her name announced. The people who were the proudest of her were her parents and grandparents. She would like to be remembered for being kind and energetic. Junior Harrison Lofland actually didn't expect to win. He expected one of the other candidates to win. The person who was the proudest of him was mainly freshman Logan Bowen. Harrison said he wants to be remembered for “being slime”. 

Senior Darrin McElfresh wanted badly to run for king. He said, "I wanted to run with my friends.”  He told others before courtwarming that if he won, he would be very surprised. He was excited for courtwarming because of hanging with his friends and the memories you make. Senior Liz Generaux was speechless when she won; she didn't even hear the announcer say her name, she only knew she won because another candidate had yelled her name. She said that the person who was the proudest of her was her mother. "She really wanted me to win, anyway,” Liz said. She would like to be remembered for being a nice person. 

Last week was the end of yet another Dekalb High School Courtwarming. Before the game, we got together at the end of the school day. We did our normal activities, like the senior faculty game and the academic competition. This year, the classes didn't decorate signs or hallways, they acted out a skit; we enjoyed the candidate games, dress up days, and all the other things we did for courtwarming. We enjoyed winning the girls game and that the boys did such a great job playing. The dance was very fun and everyone had a great time. Courtwarming 2020 was definitely a success.