The DeKalb High School Choir participated in the 275 Conference Choir Concert. The event was held at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville on November 6, 2017.

There were 12 schools in the 275 Conference that participated in the concert. A total of 85 students sang in the concert. The director for the concert was Northwest Missouri State University’s Dr. Brian Lanier, head of the choir department.

DeKalb Choir Teacher Angie King thought the day went well but would have liked to see more parents come to the actual concert.

“We were expecting more than last year than were there this year,” King said.

The DeKalb Choir sent eight high school students to sing in the concert.

Freshman Regann Punzo thought the day went well and thought it was great to see other students from other schools.

“It went well because we were able to talk with other students from different schools that we know,” Punzo said.

Sophomore Elizabeth Generaux agreed with Punzo but also thought visiting Northwest was a great opportunity to know the campus for the future.  

“It was good to get to know the campus,” Generaux said.

Every other year the choir concert switches with band.

“The 275 conference alternates with conference choir and conference band,” King said.

Next year King will take members of the DeKalb band to Northwest to perform a band concert in the evening.