American Education Week was November 13-17 and the DHS Student Council had some activities to celebrate the week.

One of those activities was a poster/essay contest over the topic “What I love about our school.” There was one poster and one essay winner. The winners were junior Cameron Christgen for the poster and sophomore Madison Dittemore for the essay. The ladies each received a $5 gift card to Sonic.

“I’ll probably buy some drinks and a vanilla ice cream cone,” Dittemore said.

Student Council member Averyl Crouse took part in the contest and was motivated to get that gift card.

“I wanted to do it so I could get a prize and $5 is a lot at Sonic for happy hour,” Crouse said.

That Friday of American Education Week, students and staff had the chance to wear college apparel to either show support for the school or, for the faculty, it was to show off where they went to school. Many teachers at DeKalb High School have attended multiples colleges. One of those teachers is Mrs. Aimee Wilson who went to three colleges.

“I went to Missouri Western, Northwest, and Mizzou,” Wilson said. “[I] went to Missouri Western for my undergraduate, Northwest for my teaching certification, and then I went to MU for my masters.”

Throughout the week there were fun-filled facts on the announcements about the educational history of DeKalb and Rushville schools. This was shared with the school each day to promote American Education Week through the learning of the history of the community.

“We thought it would be interesting to share details that people wouldn’t probably know about our school,” Wilson said.

Next year Wilson and Student Council hope to have even more activities.

“We want to maybe do more things to get the students involved,” Wilson said.