DeKalb Ag students have been cutting and gluing away at various wood projects. After Thanksgiving break all Ag students began building a specific project of their own choosing.

Mr. Aaron Medsker advises his students on how to build the projects. There were many choices to build from this year.

“Projects were anything from a leaning shelf, Christmas tree shelf, lounge chairs, to a table,” Medsker said.

Sophomore Joseph Lofland enjoys building wood projects.

“Being in the shop provides a more hands on experience,” Lofland said.

Lofland decided to build a grill table this year.

“It was hard to make sure the screws were all aligned,” Lofland said.

Some students are using their projects as gifts to their parents. Sophomore Tyler Matson is planning just that.

“I plan to give my wishing well to my mother for Christmas,” Matson said.

Medsker looks forward to next year when the students might have different choices to choose from.