Students at Dekalb High School participated in the Week of Code Dec. 4-8.

Coding, also known as the web language, is how the internet is made. With the vast growth of coding, a national event of Hour of Code was established to gain student interest in coding. As a result of the popularity of the event, the event was lengthened into the Week of Code. The event takes place during Computer Science Week.

Students participated in coding activities on the website Some students also used Adobe Dreamweaver and did coding by hand. Only 10 percent of schools introduce coding to students through classes and activities, so High School Business Teacher Marina Hayner felt it was important to expose students to coding activities.

“The Week of Code gives students exposure to coding so they can decide if they want to go into it in college,” Hayner said.

Some teachers also participated in coding with the students.

“I participated in coding because it was eye opening to see how many jobs are out there that deal with coding,” High School Communication Arts Teacher Aimee Wilson said.

Students liked participating in coding.

“I enjoyed it because it’s good knowledge to have,” senior Matthew Sharp said.