Court Warming arrives at DHS

DeKalb High School students will be participating in court warming activities January 15-19.

The week will consist of dress-up days, the senior/faculty game, coronation, spirit banners, a pep assembly, and many other competitions. On January 19 there will also be a snapchat filter that the students can use. This year’s theme for court warming is “Tiger TV.”

There will be JV and varsity girls and boys basketball games starting at 5:00 on January 19. The Tigers will play South Holt. Coronation will occur after all of the basketball games, and a dance for the high school students will follow the coronation.

Throughout the week students will participate in a spirit competition and community service competition. The class that has the most students participating in dress-up days will win the spirit competition. For the community service part of the competition, FBLA is sponsoring a mitten drive. 

The students will also compete academically with a mini scholar bowl competition. Last year the students really enjoyed this part of the day.

“Students seemed to get into the mini scholar bowl for the academic competition,” Student Council Advisor Aimee Wilson said.

Many students are excited for the dress-up days. This year the dress-up days are Pajama Day, Camo Day, TV Show Day, and Black and Gold Day.  

“I think students are going to like Pajama Day the best because it is really easy to do,” sophomore cheerleader Carley Christgen said.

Others are excited to run for royalty.

“I’m excited to run because this is my last year and I won’t have to dress up after basketball anymore,” senior Morgan Parsons said.

A change that will occur from years past is this year’s Little Miss and Mr. DeKalb will accompany last year’s King and Queen during coronation.