Court Warming at DHS is fast approaching and FBLA is wanting to do their part for the busy, bustling week.  

Throughout the week of Courtwarming, FBLA will host a hat and mitten drive as the community service competition. The donations will go to the students down at Rushville Elementary who do not have hats and mittens. Students can bring old and used hats and mittens to school. Money will also be accepted as a donation to the drive.

“The items can be used as long as they are in good condition,” FBLA Advisor Marina Hayner said.  

Students will have to place the mittens and hats in a box with their assigned class number.

“Kamryn Dewey created the point system for the drive,” Hayner said. “The items that are donated will be worth more than the money. We wanted to have the money worth less so than there is more motivation to donate more.”  

The prize for the class that wins is something currently in the works. FBLA originally wanted to duct tape a teacher to the wall, but as per concerns about the paint on the walls, they are working on finding an alternative.

FBLA Vice President of Communications Jessica Janorschke said that the idea for the drive came from fellow teachers.

“Ms. Hayner got the idea from our school librarian Ms. Lori Fordyce,” Janorschke said. “She said that at the Elementary kids didn’t have the necessary things for cold weather.”

“This is an internal award that we are giving back to the community,” Hayner said.