On February 7 students made Valentine’s Day and thank you cards to show appreciation to military officers who are currently serving.

During study recovery students were given paper and they made cards for the officers. Students could make as many cards as they wanted to. The cards were mailed on February 8. They received the cards sometime during the week of Valentine’s Day.

Junior Jessica Janorschke came up with this idea and High School Counselor Estella Ferguson helped her plan it out. Janorschke wanted to do something nice for someone else and wanted to get other students involved.

“It’s just little things we can do as a school to brighten other people’s days and I think it’s important to have community involvement,” Janorschke said.

Ferguson mailed the cards to her son and he set them out in his quadrant. The officers were happy when they received the cards

“I got a message that said they loved them,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson said that she thought there were around 100 cards mailed.

Students enjoyed making cards for the officers. They felt like it was a nice thing to do.

“I wanted to make one because they are away from their family and it’s nice to send them something,” senior Averi Black said.

Ferguson also said that she is planning on doing a random act of kindness board soon. The board is to make people conscious of other people and make them feel cared about.

“I plan on putting a random act display with envelopes that have random acts of kindness and people will pick one out and do something kind for someone else,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson also said that she hopes people will take pictures and spread the word so hopefully a chain reaction of kindness can be started.