Career Day provides information and insight to students

On March 2 DeKalb Middle/High School students participated in Career Day.

Students chose four careers they were interested in from a list and then were able to learn about them in the morning. In the afternoon juniors and seniors participated in mock interviews while the rest of the students went back to their normal schedule.

High School Business Teacher Marina Hayner put the whole day together for the students. Hayner said that she wanted to expose students to jobs they might not realize exist.

“I feel like students get so focused on one job and lose track of other jobs that are out there,” Hayner said.

Juniors and seniors participated in mock interviews to prepare them for when they apply for a job. Hayner said she wanted juniors and seniors to participate in the interviews because these students are closer to graduation.

Hayner was able to prepare the students who take her class for their interview by giving them practice questions and letting them interview each other.

“I wasn’t nervous because I was prepared the day before,” senior Morgan Parsons said.

Some of the careers students learned about were nursing, journalism, civil engineering, and becoming a state trooper. There were also many other jobs that students chose to learn about.

“My favorite career was nursing because that’s what I want to do and it was good to learn more about it,” sophmore Katelyn Koehler said.

Hayner said that she plans on doing a career day next year. She also said that wants to get more careers for students to learn about and prepare more students for their interviews.

Career Day helped show students various jobs that they might not have realized existed.

“I think it was beneficial because it made me realize new career options,” freshman McKenzie Black said.