It’s time for prom again this year. DeKalb High School juniors and seniors are preparing to attend prom on Saturday, April 7.

Prom will be held at the Wyeth Mansion at 7 p.m. The theme for prom is “Starry Night.” After prom will be right after prom at the YMCA. There will be many activities at After Prom like a mechanical bull, a caricaturist, a photo booth, swimming, basketball, and volleyball.

Dana Taylor is the junior class sponsor and helped put the prom together this year. Taylor said that it was nice to have math teacher Peirce White help her. She also said having someone help her made the process easier.

“It was nice having Mr. White as a helper this year,” Taylor said. “He could run the concession stand while I was taking care of other things.”

Students are excited about dressing up and spending time with their friends.

“I’m excited about going to dinner at Union Station and taking pictures,” junior Cameron Christgen said.

Senior Averi Black is excited about going with a group of close friends and spending time with them before graduation.

“Prom is the last big thing we’ll go through before graduation and it’s sad it’s almost over,” Black said.