On April 5, 2018, seniors were instructed how to properly perform CPR. The 25-minute course is now required by Missouri State law.

This is a mandatory law that all schools must fulfil by the end of the year.

“Last year the state of Missouri passed a law requiring all seniors to take a 25-minute course of just the basics,” DeKalb High/Middle School Principal Brian Hansen said.

Local Rushville firefighter Andrew Johnson and High School Health and Physical Education Teacher Kyle Knox led the students in what to do. Knox and Johnson used dummies to help explain where to perform CPR.

“Go to the strum, where the rib cage meet and put pressure through your palms,” Knox explained.  

Senior Clayton Norton thought learning this was a great skill.

“I thought it was very educational and useful,” Norton said. “I am ready to leap into action and save lives,” Norton said.

Starting next year freshmen taking health class will be taught the very basics of how to perform CPR. The students who did not learn their freshman year will take a 25-minute course their senior year.