Freshman Regann Punzo sang at the state music contest on April 25 in Columbia, Mo.  Punzo received silver for her performance.

Punzo sang an Italian song and an American lullaby. Music teacher Angie King took Punzo to state. King said that there were over 1500 performances at state.

Punzo said that even though it was the state contest, she felt comfortable performing. She also said that she thinks she improved a lot.

“I wasn’t nervous to perform at state,” Punzo said.

King helped Punzo practice during class.

“We worked in class and I gave my suggestions,” King said.

King also helped Punzo work on her nerves.

“I also made her sing in front people so she wasn’t as nervous.”

King was not the only help Punzo received. Her voice lessons teacher helped her pick out her songs.

“I had to choose from a list of songs to sing,” Punzo said. “My voice lessons teacher helped me choose them.”