This year is the second year for the DeKalb baseball program and the team has made a lot of improvements.

This year the team won their first game. There are two games left in the season before districts. The last two games the team plays against are West Nodaway and Barstow.

Coach Aaron Matthews said that overall the season has gone really well.

“I’d say for the most part really good,” Matthews said. “We’re competing in games and we won our first game for the baseball program.”

Junior Joshua Bomberger said that the team has improved a lot.

“I think we improved a lot on defense and pitching,” Bomberger said.

Junior Justin Hansen said that compared to last season this season was a lot better.

“This year has gone better than last year because last year we got the mercy rule like four times and this year we didn't get the mercy rule as much,” Hansen said.

Matthews said that one of the hardest parts of this year was keeping the team focused. He also said that he feels confident in their base running.