By: Cyndal Harris and Katalina Jones

Some benefits of art:

  • Stress reliever

  • Creativity

  • Focus

  • Dedication

  • Perseverance

A creative outlet is a great thing to have in schools, mainly because it’s a good way to get people’s creative sides out. The art can also speak for itself. In other words, artwork can be a powerful message about life that people can’t say in words, therefore it’s important to take art class in school. It’s a good stress reliever for some in the sense that it can take people away from the world around them. Unfortunately, a lot of schools don’t have the funding to support the arts.

Some of the ways that teachers combat the lack of funding is by using the school’s money or using their own money. Ms. Misemer, the art teacher at DeKalb High School, says, “At the end of the year I make a list of things I need and give it to the office the reimburse.” She does this because the funding is gone. Another issue the arts face is the lack of interest.   

Kids in high school don’t take art classes willingly very often and Ms. Misemer says, “I think that it’s hard to fit art in to their schedule, they are taking college classes first, because it’s important, but I also wish they took art as well.” Art is a filler in kids’ schedules when it comes to their last few years, since they have to take higher classes so they can move on to college courses. Things like these are reasons why art doesn’t get the attention it should.     

Wyatt Taylor, a sophomore that has been in art for two years and enjoys the class, was asked, what he liked about art. He responded, “I like the freedom you get and the possibilities.” To help kids get more interested in art, he thinks that it would help if more people join art class and if there are more things to do. He took Art ll because he thought that the class was fun. 

Davyn Humes, who is a 7th grader that takes Art class, thinks he will most likely take Art l. When asked if art was hard he said, “For some people it is and for some people it isn't, it just depends on how you approach it.” He likes art because of the creativity and what it can bring out of people.

Kylie Gardner, a senior who has been taking art for two years, said, “I think art is important because it’s a good stress reliever.” She also feels that she’ll be taking art classes after high school. When she was asked what made her want to take art another year she said, “part of it was what my schedule allows, and part of it was because it’s a good break between classes.” This is a reason to take art; it’s a good way for students to relieve stress and anxiety. It also serves as a creative outlet. If the arts are cut students will lose those opportunities.