12 Days of Christmas

                                         By: Cyndal Harris and Katalina Jones

Dekalb High School has a new tradition now called 12 Day of Christmas. During the last two weeks of the semester, there was Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, Character Day, Christmas Pajama Day, Door Decoration Day, and Santa Hat Day among others. These creative and celebratory events have been a great way to end the 2018 school year , because it raised spirits among the staff and students and helped them enjoy the last few days of school.

In November Ms. Hayner began brainstorming the ideas for the 12 Days of Christmas, even though it wasn’t referred to as the 12 Days at that point. Hayner says, “The 12 Days of Christmas was Ms. Cluck’s idea because they did it in Osborn. We worked together, and it was a team effort.” But before the 12 Days of Christmas could be put into action, Mr, Hansen had to approve it. Hansen says, ”I thought it was a good idea to improve positive school climate and bring some happiness to finals week.” Name that Tune and the Christmas Scavenger Hunt seemed to be popular among the student body, but everyone had their own favorite activity throughout the 12 Days of Christmas:

“I think my favorite dress up day was the door decorating day. I thought it was fun and really nice to walk around the halls and see all the different ideas from the students.” -Ms. Hayner

“ The door decorations were really cool; it's nice to walk around and see what people came up with and made.”- Mr. Hansen

“ I really like the hot chocolate; that was good. I really like the character day; that was
cute.”-Liz Generaux