The School Play

By: Cyndal Harris & Savanah Baugh

The school play has always been a popular event at DeKalb. We often receive a cast full of hardworking and dedicated students that make the show worth seeing. This year’s play is “Wicked Is As Wicked Does”. It is being directed by Ms. Misemer and Mrs. Hansen. Mrs. Hansen directed “Alice in Wonderland” in 2016 and “The Wizard of Oz” in 2017, while Ms. Misemer directed “The Big Bad Musical” in 2018. Since last year’s play was Ms. Misemer’s first, she was not very experienced in the field of directing. So she decided to ask for Mrs. Hansen’s help for this year’s play. As they quickly approach opening night, cast members are overwhelmed with nervousness and excitement.

Junior Savanah Baugh has been in the school play since she was in 7th grade. She says her first play, “A Family Reunion To Die For”, was her favorite because “it was my first play, so it’s special to me and it was the most entertaining.” Although she's no longer a rookie when it comes to the play, she hasn’t experienced a year quite like this one. “I would have to say being able to have practice when we’ve had all of this crazy weather has been the most difficult challenge. We only have a month left and it feels like we’ve only had a couple of practices,” she said. Savanah was originally given the role of Wicked Fairy in this year’s play, but the lead role of Wicked Queen was eventually given to her due to cast change.

For many years now, Savanah has been the only person in her grade who has been in the school play. This year, however, she is not alone. Her fellow classmate, Paige Morey, has decided to join the play for the first time. For Paige, the best thing about the play is the behind the scenes action. Paige has the roles of Mama Bear and Mud Frog in this year’s play.

Another first time cast member in this year’s play is sophomore Ariana Geoffroy. When asked what inspired her to join she replied, “To hang out with people and because Brenna said I should join.” She enjoys the unique activities that take place during practices. She doesn’t have very much experience in acting, but she is still able to make the most of each time she gets together with the cast. Ariana is also playing the roles of Cinderella and Fairy Godmother in this year’s play.

Unlike Paige and Ariana, this is freshman Desi Meyers’s second year doing the play. Desi knows just how much hard work goes into the play. Therefore, she knows how important it is that you are able to come to as many practices as you can. However, we have had multiple early outs and snow days due to the harsh weather. Therefore, the two directors have been  forced to cancel practice. Desi was asked if she is nervous or excited about the play, especially after all of the missed practices. We believe that she was speaking for a majority of the cast when she replied, “Oh, my gosh, I’m terrified!” Desi is playing the roles of Wicked Stepmother and Little Red in this year’s play.

Among our two directors is Ms. Misemer. She knows that directing a play can be a challenge. Because of that, Ms. Misemer requested for the help of Mrs. Hansen for this year’s show. “I have an awesome co-director,” Ms. Misemer says. Overall, she feels like this year has been an easier process than last year because of other components such as singing and dancing. She believes that all shows have challenges. This year, there is a much longer script, which requires more lines being memorized than the cast is used to. But she has faith that the cast has the potential to put on a great show.

On Saturday, March 30th, DeKalb High School will be putting on “Wicked Is As Wicked Does” at 4:00 P.M. The play is about the following villains: the wicked queen from “Snow White”, the wicked stepmother from “Cinderella”, and the wicked witch from “The Princess and The Frog”.