Dayna Oliver

Special Education - ES


Phone: (816) 688-7777

Education/Work Experience: 

I graduated high school in Butler, MO. I received my bachelor's of arts from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

I have previously worked in Pattonsburg and in Savannah.

Short Bio:

My name is Dayna Oliver and this is my 6th year teaching! I was born in Arkansas, and spent most of my childhood moving from place to place. Eventually, we settled in Butler, MO where I started and finished high school. I went to college in Kansas City, and in my last year, my husband Mat and I moved to St. Joseph because he was going to school in Maryville and we split the difference. We have two cats, Anya and Lizzie, and a dog named Mack (also known as Bubba!). I love learning new skills and collect fun hobbies! Fun fact: I can sing the abc's in French while doing them in sign language at the same time!