Students participate in "The Big Bad Musical"

On April 14 several students at DeKalb High School performed in a musical.

The musical was called The Big Bad Musical. The cast and crew was made up of about 15 students. Art Teacher Mallory Misemer art teacher was the director of The Big Bad Musical. The musical was about the trial of the Big Bad Wolf and included other characters from fairytales like the Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood.

Misemer said that her favorite part of the musical was the ending.

“I really liked how the students didn’t know the ending because the audience got to decide if the wolf was guilty or innocent,” Misemer said.

Students started practices for the musical the first week of February. Misemer said that she was very proud of all the students.

Freshman Ashtyn Griffin said that the hardest of the musical was putting the set together. She also said that she had fun doing the musical.

“My favorite part of the musical was getting to hang out with my friends,” Griffin said.

Sophomore Savanah Baugh said that she was very nervous before the musical.

“I was really nervous before the show because I wanted to do my best,” Baugh said.

Misemer said that she plans on doing the musical again next year.

“I will be co-directing with Mrs. Hansen and I’m very excited about it,” Misemer said.